Tuesday, 10 June 2014

First Day on the Job

Yesterday was my first day working in the Stockley lab at the University of Leeds and it was a good one! Everyone in the lab is so lovely and welcoming and I'm feeling a bit like a professional scientist!

The day was mostly filled with making up various buffers so that I could start experiments today but it was very enjoyable and I couldn't wait to start again this morning.

Today I did some column purification of my TCV sample, which is the main aim of this week. The sample that I am starting with is quite impure so I am purifying it in order to make it suitable to work with.

I realise that I haven't told you much about the project and what I am aiming to do, so I shall aim to write a more detailed post this weekend to explain.

Until next time, I am going back to "fighting the forefront of science", as one of my lecturers said to me yesterday.

Emily :)

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