Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Last friday was the official last day of my summer studentship in the Stockley lab! The last couple of days were super busy and fun! I learnt how to use the smFCS, which measures the fluorescence of single molecules in solution. So good!

So I thought I'd just have a little reflection on my time working in the lab!

I have realised how far I've come on and how many more skills I have learnt during my time working in the lab, and I now feel that I am well equip to start my final year lab project at the beginning of next semester at university.  I have also had a lot of good advice from the other staff in the lab about future careers in science and PhD's which has been super helpful!!

So to end this quite short blog post, I would just like to give a huge THANK YOU to the Biochemical Society for funding my placement and making it possible for me to gain this invaluable experience. Also I would like to thank Professor Stockley for allowing me to work in his lab for the past 8 weeks, along with all of the staff in his lab who have been super helpful and lovely!!
Thank you all so much!!!

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