Monday, 4 August 2014

Last week!

This is officially my last week of my summer studentship and it's all gone so fast!!

There has been so good and bad times for science on the way, but overall my experience has been great and I feel very prepared to start my third year project next year at university, along with feeling better prepared for a future career in science. I couldn't have asked for a better lab to work with! Everyone is so friendly and helpful, I can ask for advice about my project as well as my future career choices!

So for my last week I'm doing something a little different. I will be doing some single molecule fluorescence experiments on TCV to see the relationship between the RNA and the coat protein.
The first half of the week is dedicated to prepping the TCV ready for use and dissociating it so I can obtain my coat protein sample. And then the second half of the week will be spend with some equipment I've never used before, so I will be getting some help to hopefully get some good data!  

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