Thursday, 10 July 2014

The route of the problem!

I think that I may have solved the mystery of the disappearing virus! YAY!!

First thing on Wednesday morning we decided to troubleshoot the column I have been using to separate my dissociated virus as a lot of my sample was getting "lost" somewhere. After the first test it was clear that the column was not working how it was suppose to and the pressure was way to high!
So I cleaned the column with harsh chemicals to get rid of anything that was blocking the column. Then left the column in run with water over night to get rid of all the chemicals we had previously put down it.

This morning when I returned nice and early, I looked at the chomatograph of the column and saw that lots of "stuff" had been eluting over night!! In fact it's still eluting as I type now! So there was a lot of contaminating molecules stuck in my column, hopefully explaining my poor yields!

So the only thing I can do right now is wait for the elution to finish and then try again with my dissociation! As they say, if at first you don't succeed, try and try again! Fingers crossed this time!!

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